Editing/Fiction & Non-Fiction

Charges based on hourly rate. Hourly rate arrived at by editing first 1,000 words at no charge. 

Surcharge for rush jobs ~ not less than $20 not to exceed $50.

Please contact for complimentary edit and rates. 


Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching: Weekly sessions.  

Sessions customized to no more than two times per week and no less than one time per month. Either held over the phone or as a Skype conference. 

Please contact for rates.

Resume and Collegiate Paper Rates for College Students by Shasta

$20 standard resumes

$35 extensive resumes

Light editing of college papers, any subject.

Maximum word count negotiable.

Shasta Pringle


Contact for details.

Terms of Service


50% deposit due up front.  

Remaining balance due at time of delivery of materials.  

Surcharge for rush jobs. 

Not less than $20

Not to exceed $50.

All payments will be made through PayPal

Payments made through "Friends & Family."

If requested, client will receive PayPal Invoices for all services.

Monthly payment arrangement available.

Rate Increase

Edit Kitten has the right to raise the rate, no more than two times per calendar year.  Notice will be given at least two weeks before rate increase. 

If client has already paid the deposit, their rate will not be increased for that specific booking.